Suggestions on keeping visuals in sync with PhysicsProcess?

Godot Version: v4.2.1-mono

Say I was working on a 2D fighting game. I will be doing collision checks using AABBs on every _PhysicsProcess. This allows me to make sure the collision and state updates occur at a fixed rate, usually 60 ticks/logic updates per second. Since the _PhysicsProcess updates independently from the regular _Process update, what would be an appropriate approach to syncing the visuals of my characters to make sure they are always in sync with their internal logic/collision state?

I’m fairly new to Godot, so I’m not sure if anything like this already exists or if this problem has been solved before. Any help, insight, or suggestions would be appreciated!

I’d not sweat those levels of detail yet. Just start. Use the nodes and tools and let the signals tell you what hit what.

Doing it this way will give you experience and then, when you want to shave those milliseconds off, you’ll be in the right mindset to do it.