Super Newbie here , need advice of system planner

Hello community, i am very newbie now about to finish second tutorial course
Background: very noob at coding , learning from tutorial course

Now I have plan to try on my own
Concept :

  1. In battle scene , we summon our monster to fight ( not turn based , camera view like street fighter but zoom out cause we need lot of enemies , end up with stage boss

  2. Our monster come with its own ability , tier ( maybe in Card form or just item to collect, use )

  3. Acquired new monster from clearing dungeon, shop
    4 can upgrade tier of our monster to unlock more special abilities or transform

I think this is my first phase plan

  1. Should we apply Dictionary for our Monster list or please suggest suitable method / system foundation to set up our monster
  2. For this concept , what are importance components i need to focus or think about it
  3. Any suggestions/ tips would help me a lot

Thanks in advance

Your monster should be a class. This base class will be part of a larger scene.

The scene may have a sprite2d and maybe an animation player, audio fx player,

You can setup necessary “hooks” signals/functions for all the systems to interact with the monster base class.

Then to individualize the monsters, extend the base class into unique monsters with different attributes like max health and attacks, and different resources like sprites animations and sound effects.

Main concept here is class inheritance. It is a very common tool.