Sync tilemap changes with MultiplayerSynchronizer

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I’m struggling to understand how to sync changes to tilemaps from the server to clients that have happened before the client joins the server.
I currently have an RPC set up for clients to request tilemap changes to the server, and then they’re synced back to all clients. This works fine.

However I’d like to be able to use MultiplayerSynchronizer if possible so that the changes are automatic, but I can’t find any node properties on the tilemap what will enable this to happen.

Alternatively I’m be happy to sync any changes that have happened to the tilemap from before the client joined, if that can be done automatically when the client joins without keeping a long list of tilemap changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The synchronizer isn’t designed to do this kind of complex tasks, it’s exactly what you should use RPC for

Thanks, I’ll gete to work on that then :slight_smile:

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