Syncing non-player objects on a GodotSteam P2P multiplayer game

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Godot 4.2.1


Hello, I’m developing a P2P multiplayer game in godot with GodotSteam addon. I’m having problems on finding how can I sync an non-player object like a ball, it’s an RigidBody3D. Keep in mind that my game will be played with more than 2 peers. if anyone can help me I’ll be so glad :smiley:

Only the authorized player is sending the packets but my physics objects are jittering extremely badly yes this is not the right synchronization I have read a lot of articles but I don’t know how to do it smoothly.

With the little information you give, all we can do is to link you to articles, articles you may already read.

Are you using prediction, reconciliation, interpolation, all of above?

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Unless you have previous experience of netcode - consider to start with the very basics and make a multiplayer 2d pong clone.

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