Tabs vs Spaces in script defaults

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Trying to be consistent. The guide below says this for Tabs. Yet I am reading that presumably spaces is better or more widespread. I use tabs (its the Editor default). I prefer tabs. Also for every project I don;t want to change it to spaces. What does everyone use? Any issues if I keep using tabs?


Encoding and special characters

  • Use line feed (LF) characters to break lines, not CRLF or CR. (editor default)
  • Use one line feed character at the end of each file. (editor default)
  • Use UTF-8 encoding without a byte order mark. (editor default)
  • Use Tabs instead of spaces for indentation. (editor default)

Stick with the style guide for the ecosystem you’re working in. Also I love tabs. I love spaces too. I prefer tabs because the day after my hardcore late night caffeine injection fueled heart palpitating electronic drum’n’bass blastin hacking sesh my eyes thank me when I go from set tabstop=2 to set tabstop=4.

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