Textures not showing on iOS with Godot 4.2.1

On Godot 3 I was able to solve the issue with GLES3 and ETC2 compression, but I didn’t found the correct config for Godot 4.x
What is the correct configuration for textures on iOS? Or someone has experience with this issue?

The images are currently png but I also tried jpeg and all kind of combinations of different imports presets and render options

Which resolution does the texture have? Which rendering method are you using? Check the Project Settings for the value of the mobile override of the rendering method.

Also, which iOS device did you test this on (and which iOS version is it running)?

I’m using mobile as rendering method and the textures are all kind of resolutions and none show up. For example some country flags that should show up at the beginning have a resolution of 128x128 px. The futsal field is 600x300 px or the ball would be 18x18 px. All are .png files but I also tried jpeg for one country flag with no success.

I used only one iPhone 14 with iOS 17.2.1

The project us is open source and available here

I was able to solve the problem, by opening the game first in my CI and then exporting it again, so the textures show up correctly now.

I use now the timeout 25s godot --editor --headless “hack” to import the project before export. Once --import from Add `--import` command-line flag by mihe · Pull Request #90431 · godotengine/godot · GitHub is available, I will use that.