The animation will not play again after it ends

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Hello friends. Well I've set an AnimationTree for the character(a NodeBlendTree) and a Animation node for Output. The problem is when i play the scene, Animation doesn't loop when it ends. Animation Looping is on in AnimationPlayer node and actually the animation works fine in the editor. I mean when I am in the engine workspace the animation replays properly when it ends. But when i play the scene it does not. Unfortunately I cant upload a screen recorde of the issue because

I am a new user but I hope you get what I meant.

I mean, I understand the problem, but would probably need more context for it, maybe you can level up soon so that you can send Screenshots

Thank you for your reply. Well, actually I’ve solved the problem with this line of code:


But the thing make me confuse is that I’ve turned on the Animation Looping on AnimationPlayer but it can’t update the animation without the code when it reaches the last frame. I don’t have any idea why this happens but anyway, apparently my problem is solved. Thanks.

No problem, nice to see that you came up with your own solution for this weird problem
Have a great day buddy