The entire editor is fubar

uninstalled Godot and installed flatpak version. Still gives the same stupid error.
I still get this error even in a brand new project with a blank script. This is definitely Godot’s fault and this needs to jump to the top of the priority list for anyone who still has enough faith in this project to contribute to it.

Installed a fresh copy of Godot on my laptop with arch linux and opened a blank project and sure enough, it still gives that same obnoxious error. The issue is with Godot. I know for a fact that I could reference global variables outside of a function. But now, I can only reference variables (regardless of scope) inside of functions. Doesn’t matter which functions either.

You can’t use print() outside any function.

var test  = "something"

func _ready():

It can’t be… :face_with_peeking_eye:

But seriously, the topic needs clarification: the source code or simple example file with the explanation of what exactly OP is trying to achieve.