The laboratory a little project of mine

Thought I would post what I’ve made so far. Here are some things I plan to add.

  • Doors
  • Keycards
  • Keypads

I would also appreciate any feedback or ideas.


I think you should add an intro to your game and draw the movement of the main character. The sounds and soundtrack is very good I don’t know if you composer by yourself or got on web.

I think is very difficult to begin a game in the dark. On my opinion your game needs add some things like a movement of the legs of the main character (I know I already talked about this!). Good game! Have a good time dev. :smiley:


Looks cool, I think it would be cool to have the zombies make growling sounds and have it spatialized so the player can have an idea where to look or if there’s one right beside them they didn’t see.

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Nice start. First thing that jumps out: the character controller doesn’t have any inertia. I think the gameplay would probably feel better if the character had some weight and drag as they walked, stopped, and rotated.

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I got all sounds/music on the web. But I was very selective about which ones I would use. I do eventually plan on adding a proper intro and legs.

Yeah i will need to add that eventually

Great idea. I will add that to my trello.

Excpet the abcense of lerp and interpolation in weight of character, I noticed the first thing and It is that, the guns have no flash or any visuals for the gun that it’s shooting, so when I see this without sound I don’t feel like it’s being shot or something.

Yeah i do plan on adding weight to the character eventually along with muzzle flash.

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