The menu key (on the keyboard) halts game in Linux?

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I have found that the menu key (3 horizontal lines) will halt the game entirely either in compiled or play in editor mode. Nothing shows up in debug or output.
If I try to bind the key, the bound action doesn’t happen, and the halt still happens.

Tested on Mandriva, Ubuntu, Debian.
Any suggestions to either ignore or use this key?

That’s strange. I’m not experiencing that issue. Are you in Xorg or Wayland?

Both test boxes are using Xorg. Different laptops.
Anywhere else (or in the Godot editor itself) when I press that key, I just get a context menu at the mouse cursor.

I’m also on Xorg. Does this happen on different games or just the one? I’ve tried three different projects and haven’t been able to recreate this yet.

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Great question, I’ll try it on another game and on a 3.5 project.

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Does nothing in 3.5 that I can tell, and does the same thing in another game concept I made on 4.0.
Is there another 4.0 game on itch or something that you might know of I can go test with?

This is actually a good test. Here’s my game on itch you can try it on.

Well this is a 4.1 game, but will still be a good test.

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  1. That game is cute AF
  2. Doesn’t seem to do anything whatsoever when I press menu.

I’ll try running my game with no keymap, maybe there’s an input bound causing a problem

That game is cute AF

Thank you!

I’ll try running my game with no keymap, maybe there’s an input bound causing a problem

Yeah there must be something weird going on there. My Santa game is so simple it only has three things in the Input Map.


Ok, I think I found the culprit.
Under the ‘built-in actions’ in input binding, it had the menu key bound.
To see this, you have to toggle ‘show built-in actions’.

I changed it to shift+menu, and the problem stopped.


I toggled yours as the solution there for points :smiley:
It’s definitely the input binding.

That’s still weird because mine is also set to that.

Are you calling ui_menu in your game logic?

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Very likely, I’ll have to refactor my input handling for the next release.

I should retitle this “Don’t spread input bindings across 15 scenes”

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