This Godot script send too much error message 💀

Godot version


Android version

14 beta (before upgrading to 14 stable)


I assisted the ai and managed to generate code using Microsoft copilot :white_check_mark::moyai:

But when I copy and paste generated code to gdscript’s script
they send too much error message :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m unable to see error message cuz/because
this tab is so possible to- :sob::skull:

the video is still the same video with godot android crashes

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Why are they same with Godot android crashed? :sob::joy:
How did you managed to make it’s same video link?!?!?!?!?! :moyai::pinched_fingers:

I also confirm that they same video link, do you? :skull::sunglasses:
Actually can you fix our problem? :sweat_smile:

You should start reading the code and confirm it makes sense.


I already read our code fastly :clown_face:
There red line in our code meaning it’s error :smiling_face_with_tear:

I said can you fix this problem?
This godot tab won’t let me showing the this script’s log :skull::moyai::sob::sweat_smile:

I can’t see the error, so no. Take a screen snapshot. All Major operating systems have this capability. Or just retype the text. Print screen, Ctrl+shift+print screen (ubunto), or windows+shift+s(windows), square → screenshot (android)

If you type the parsing errors into a web search, I would think someone else has probably had the same problem.

But here is the documentation on the syntax.

You can also look up class info from that web page. Or there is a document search in the editor that can find stuff real quick.

It’s good to start reading the Godot manual so you can fix chatGPT errors.


What about I have more problem

Block ain’t visible due playtest in Godot :skull:
I have camera to fix all assets visible
But I think shape ain’t visible :moyai::pinched_fingers: