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sometimes new users mark topics as resolved when they aren’t really resolved. or an update breaks something and a solution is no longer current. then these “solved” topics get picked up by search engines. can we please have a way to post to already solved topics?

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Yeah I guess it’s kinda weird that “archived” stuff from the old qa forums can still be replied to but new stuff will close after a month.

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yeah, I don’t think this was intended. Not sure if you can change the settings @winston-yallow

Last time this topic was brought up, we decided to leave it like this. The idea is to make a new question and simply including a link to the old one. It will automatically show up as a linked question in the old one too.

Search engines will also pick up the new question.

The advantages are:

  • solutions are specific to the version specified in the question
  • you don’t notify/spam the people that participated in the old and solved thread
  • topics are kept small, making it in the end easier to find the information

So the only situation where it would make sense in my opinion, is really if it was accidentally marked. In that case users can simply ask us mods to stop the auto-closing within the 30 days.


It feels inconsistent.

If OP’s question is answered but OP doesn’t mark the thread as “solved” then everyone is free to continue posting.

If you scroll through old threads, I think easily less than half ever get marked as solved.


Problem I see is this is a one way street. You can link to an old thread from a new thread, but you cannot link to a new thread from an old thread. So if I stumble on outdated information, there is nothing I can do about it.


In theory search engines will index the updated information but from experience I can say this is not always the case.

Often I find links to outdated threads from old Reddit posts that show at the top of search results.

With search results you never know what makes it to the top.


And this is assuming people know what they are searching for. Someone new to Godot, especially someone new to programming, likely has little idea what to search for. It is a crapshoot what threads new users will run into first.

When migrating from Unity to Godot, this resulted in many head scratchings. This still happens when I am researching how to do something new, but I don’t know what exactly I am searching for.


c# refugees also get hit harder by this. Search engines are far more likely show gdscript results. And there are fewer c# threads than gdscript threads. So if you forget to camel_case a function name in your search, you are more likely to get outdated information.

Most people don’t have major issues remembering things, but I do, so this disproportionately affects me.

CS0618: 'TileMap' is obsolete: 'Use multiple 'TileMapLayer' nodes instead.'

Unity3d has tilemap. Someone coming from Unity will likely search for “Godot Tilemap”. Godot has TileMap, but as of 4.3 that will become TileMapLayer. I am willing to bet soon-to-be outdated TileMap threads will cause headaches.

This is a good point.

Unless you are God-Emperor @pennyloafers I don’t think notification are a big issue.


When responding to a thread that already solved, a notice is displayed, asking if you really want to reply to an already solved thread. Maybe we could do something like that.

EDIT: I think automatically locking threads makes too many assumptions.

That said, there are many voices in the community, whatever staff and everyone else feels is best, I respect that.

Thank you!

This feels like an issue with moderation mostly, and educating people to mark answers as the solution. As far as I know there are plans to onboard more moderators which could help with this.

I agree though that it’s not good how many answered questions do not get marked as solved. This is an issue though regardless if we automatically close them or not.

No, that’s exactly what I meant: If you link to the old one from a new post, it will automatically show up as a linked post on the old thread. So you don’t need to do the backlink, it is done by the forum.

Yeah reddit is notoriously bad for this, the forum is a lot better optimized for SEO. Including the aforementioned backlink, which helps search engines understand that one page is related to another.

This will hopefully get better over time when more csharp results are available. Not much we can do about that though.

Hmm, on the one hand I can see this coming from Unity. On the other hand, if topics are separate because the old one was closed already, then searching for TileMapLayer will correctly find the new threads (and therefore the correct information), while someone using an old engine version and correctly searching for TileMap will find the information relevant for them.

And the Unity user searching for TileMap because they don’t know about TileMapLayer hopefully will have a backlink to a new question about the layers.

What do you think about a combination? Maybe we can increase the time for automatic locking to something like half a year, and in the meantime display a notice like that when trying to post

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Gmail has a spam folder and no option to disable it. I am going to look at the message anyways, so I would rather have it in my inbox. Every day it is a minor inconvenience, unnecessary clicks.

Visual Studio out of the box, complains about EVERYTHING, for example it doesn’t like me using all lowercase letters for class names, it is so annoying.

My point is not making many assumptions is sometimes best.


It would be a big improvement.

Or give established members the ability to comment on solved threads.

New member posts are hidden until moderators approve them. Maybe do something similar. Posts to solved threads are hidden until a moderator approves them.

If solutions weren’t locked for 6 month, that would help. Especially with the TileMapLayer apocalypse on the horizon.


I removed the solved mark to wait until someone actually has time to implement this change, otherwise it may be forgotten.

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