Tilemap y-sort breaks "horizontal-sort" of my tiles

Godot Version

4.3 beta1


I’m trying to accomodate tiles horizontally but I can’t quite get it to work. In godot 4.2 it works right off the bat when I enable y-sort, but in 4.3 the cells to the left get on top to the cells on the right!

Take into account that my tileset is 32x32, but these walls are 64x64, so I try to put them horizontally and they overlap.


just so you know the 4.3 beta replaces TileMap with TileMapLayer, if you are interested.

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Yea I do! I am trying to use them, but only the deprecated ones work they way I need. As you can see the “TileMap” I have there has the TileMapLayer’s icon.

I found the solution, which is not an ortodox one, but still works. Godot tiles in tilemap sorting wrong - Stack Overflow

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Actually it does not work!! :rofl: That solution also switches the y-sort functionality.