Timer is trigger the is_in_group in another script despite it never being told too

Godot Version



Hello! So I have been having trouble try to get a piece of code working properly my main goal is to use a timer that triggers when the player is going over a certain velocity that will delete the object after a set time, and well it does that but for some reason it triggers a the is_in_group in my player script despite that group being specified and the breakable rock that I am trying to remove also having its own specified group

Apologies if its not clear I will try to clear up anything I did not state if asked, I am still very new to coding as a whole

I didnt quite understand what the problem is. If the problem is the error your godot is showing you in the screenshot, then the problem might be that the object in your group doesnt exist anymore, since its been freed. You can check before the is_in_group call if the is_instance_valid to see if it still exists

honestly I didn’t know how to word the issue but I found a solution, thank you for answering though

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