Tiny Collision shapes break collision

Godot Version4.2.2


I made a body through blender and imported it into the project. It came with its own mesh and collision shape. I have tested it a bit and it after shrinking it to a small size I noticed that the collisions stopped happening with other objects? but still continue with the floor. If I increase the collision shape 3D it will return to normal. Thier is a sweet spot where it is just the right size that it can squeeze into the object and force itself into the floor falling through it. I can just revert the size for now but I am curious how to approach this small object collision problem. Is their something I can do to either the mesh or collision shape to make it work with smaller shapes?
(for context on shapes the one that can force itself through the floor is more basketball sized. Anything the size of a soda can suffers from lack of collision) (I have everything set up based on meters)

How small are you making it? This ends up being a fundamental problem of computers, floating point numbers become inaccurate at small and very large ranges. Maybe base everything on centimeters if you’re scale is naturally small.