Tree leaves see trough trunk (Transparency problem ?)

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Hello, on my tree I can see my leaves doing weird things like in the image, like seeing leaves trough trunk. What could cause this ?

Hello !

Generally, the problem comes from managing transparency for this kind of problem.

If you are using StandardMaterial3D for your tree elements, go to the Material Transparency tab and set the transparency setting to “Depth Pre-Prass”

Does it work better that way ?

Hello, it doesn’t change anything when in Compatibility mode but works when in Forward+ mode. The note on depth prepass say it should work on Compatibility mode, is it a bug ?
Capture d'écran 2024-03-23 130808

EDIT : Setting the transparency mode to alpha scissors seems to work pretty much the same but the leaves disappear when I’m a little farther for some reason … no distance fade activated whatsoever, what could cause this ?