Trouble understanding themes

Godot Version



Hello. Hoping someone can help me understand themes.

I have a parent node with two children:

-- RichTextLabel
-- LineEdit

On the Parent I have a theme with just two styles on it, one for each of the child types.

I set the background colours for ‘focus’ and ‘normal’ on the RTL style and both work on the child.

But if I set the background colours ‘focus’ and ‘normal’ on the LE style, the ‘focus’ works, but the ‘normal’ doesn’t.

This also happens when using Theme overrides.

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Possibly a small project that shows what you are doing would help.

Hmm, well, that’s literally the project. I create a parent node, put a LineEdit child on it and create a theme. The ‘normal’ stylebox doesn’t work (either with the Theme editor or the Theme Override). Yet the ‘focus’ stylebox works fine.