Trouble Using Blend Shapes during Animations

Godot Version



I’m currently trying to make my character blink periodically with a blend shape, but every time I try to set the blend shape to a value other than Zero, it immediately resets to 0. It does this even if I try to set the value in the inspector; however, the blink will show up for a split second before immediately going back to its normal state by doing this. I exported my model from Blender as a glTF and the animations work correctly with an animation tree node, but for the life of me I can’t get the shape keys to work. How do I get a blend shape to show up and stay during an animation?

Did you check that the animations aren’t setting the blend shape to 0? An animation will override whatever value you set.

This was a part of the problem. I ended up creating a prebaked shape key animation in blender and using a OneShot in the animation node blend tree set only to manipulate the blinking shape keys. I didn’t realize there were animation tracks for shape keys for my animations in Godot because the Blender action editor actually doesn’t support animating shape keys directly (you have to do it a roundabout way through drivers), so I didn’t expect them to be picked up by Godot. Thank you.

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