Trouble with compiling/TTS

Godot Version



hello! i wanted to make a simple app that requires multiple TTS phrases to be said at the same time. the problem is that godot’s TTS system only works by putting them on a queue, playing a message only if there are no others playing. i attempted a quick bodge fix on the source code, but have had a lot of trouble compiling it due to errors i don’t really understand. if anyone knows of any workarounds, simple solutions i’ve missed, compiling tools, TTS tools that work with godot, or even would be willing to compile the project for me, i’d really appreciate it. thanks!

Can you post the compilation error message here? Also, which OS are you using?

PS: Not being able to play multiple TTS voices at once may be an OS limitation. Remember that it’s not Godot doing the audio playback here, but the OS.