Trying to make several lines of code repeat for a set number of times.

I want to have the lines:

helper_buttons[“helper”][“cost”] *= 1.25
round_to_dec_helper1(helper_buttons[“helper”][“cost”], 0)
helper_cost.text = str(helper_buttons[“helper”][“cost”])
helper_count.text = str(helper_buttons[“helper”]["amount

repeat a number of times equal to:

helper_buttons[“helper workshop”][“add”] * helper_buttons[“helper workshop”][“amount”]

these two variables multiplied together.

Not sure what it does, but a for loop usually is used for Dictionaries and Arrays

func _ready():
	# assume this is your data
	var helper_buttons:={}
	var helper_workshop=[{"add":20,"amount":10},{"add":30,"amount":40}]
	helper_buttons["helper workshop"]=helper_workshop
	# for loop to add it up
	var sum:int=0
	for i in helper_buttons["helper workshop"]:
		sum += i["add"] * i["amount"]