Trying to save a PackedScene state

Godot Version



I have been working on a Idle/Casual Plant growing game and need to save the state of the scene. I can save the whole thing but when I run the saved version the plant pots now go back to the buy counter zone instead of the shelf zone they are in.

func _input(event):
	if OS.is_debug_build() && event.is_action_pressed("Save_Debug"):
		SaveGlobal.save_game()  #Debug only, press 9 to save
	print("DEBUG save")
 	#Create the objects.
	var node = $"."
	for child in node.get_children():
		child.owner = node
	var scene =
	var result = scene.pack(node)
	if result == OK:
		var error =, "TESTNAME.tscn")
		if error != OK:
			push_error("An error occurred while saving the scene to disk.")