Tutorials for FPS multiplayer game (C#)

Godot Version



I’m looking for tutorials for a multiplayer FPS game, coded in CSharp.

I spent time looking for these tutorials on youtube or on other sites in general. I tried rewriting other people’s GD scripts to C#, but it seemed outdated (didn’t work for me either). I have some skills with TCP communication in C#, but maybe not enough to make it work/useful in Godot 4.2.1.
I already watched Garbaj or DevLogLogan on youtube and it didn’t help me enaugh.

So I’m asking for any sources, sites, videos, tips that could help me (not outdated) :pray: with this because I’ve tried so many times for this and they’ve all been unsuccessful or unusable :tired_face:.

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I can personally recommend FinePointCGI’s resources, he specifically made some LAN tutorials in C#, which is 2D, but I believe if you get familiar with overall how networking works, you can easily apply these in a 3D project too! He also has some great C# projects going over FPS games too.

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