Two Players with CharacterBody2d push each other even though they need to not collide

Godot Version



I have a 2d platform game where i have 2 players on the screen. The players are based on the CharacterBody2D node and are controlled by player input. The node have the basics of an AnimatedSprite2D and CollisionShape2D.

The platforms is a TileMap placed in CollisionLayer: 2, the Players are in CollisionLayer: 1, with a CollisionMask: 2

What I want is to have the players be able to move through each other without interacting.

My problem is that I find the player bodies are colliding and “pushing” each other in very unpredictable ways. Pushing into walls, and Pressing down into the floor.
I have tried to reduce the problem, change around Layers and Mask combinations, but the problem seems to persist.

Is there something about CharacterBody2D that makes it always collide with each other?

I Solved my problem (for anyone else reading this). After some more testing and reducing the problem. I found that I had accidently manually changed the collision layer of a node that I had added to my level. (making this instance different from the default)

If you are a beginner like me. You can use the Remote tab in the Scene Hierarchy when the game is running to inspect your nodes and check any properties during runtime.