UI for two and more players on one screen

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Can I get some help? Where I haven’t looked and asked anyone, I can’t think of anything: how to organize UI for two or more players on one screen? For example, like in Castle Crashers, when players control in the character selection menu, only their part of the UI. Any hints and ideas. Thanks in advance.

On my game

Godot currently doesn’t support multiple focused nodes at once, so you need to implement your own solution with a script.

Is there any way to isolate UIs and give each UI menu its own input controller?

If you compile godot yourself, you could try Allow multiple `SubViewports` within a `Window` to have a focused `Control` by Sauermann · Pull Request #79480 · godotengine/godot · GitHub which aims to make this possbile. In one of the comments you can also find a demo-project.

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