UI not showing in the correct position

Godot Version



I am following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQluyQ-1wSI&list=WL&index=17&t=144s
3:04:46 of the video is the intended result, with collected items on the top left corner and tool bar at the bottom.

However, the first button of my tool bar always starts at an incorrect position as below:-

Whenever I begin to pick up items, the tool bar box will come back to the correct position. But now the collected items icon on the top left is at the wrong position.

All my code are the same as the YouTube Tutorial. Is this something to do with the wrong setting?

Happy to share more screenshots about my setting / codes. Let me know what is needed.

Here is the screenshot after I picked up some items:

does this happen only if you have 2 items shown in resource item display?

the displayed resource is in hboxcontainer, but for some reason you have right now makes the item and label split, strangely

Thank you for your reply!

It happens when there is only 1 items too.