Unable to get a size/position of Control who is a child of VBoxContainer

Godot Version

4.3 beta 1 MAC .NET


I have a scene with the following structure:

GameView (Control, FullRect)
|- VBoxContainer (VBoxContainer, FullRect)
|- Header (ColorRect, ContainerStretchingRation 2, Expanded)
|- BoardContainer (ColorRect, ContainerStretching 12, Expanded)
|- Footer (ColorRect, ContainerStretching 12, Expanded)

I am facing a problem to get the Size and Position of the BoardContainer, or any other children of VBoxContainer in the c# code.

Tried Size property, GetSize(), GetRect(), GetGlobalRect(), Position, all of them return Vector2(0, 0).

I am trying to get this value not in the _EnterTree but in the later frames.

The size and position are available in Godot inspector, but not in the code.

I totally understand, that the size is determined by the parent and the stretching rules, and I am OK if I am prohibited to change it, but I need to be able to get the actual size.

I believe that in the previous versions (I think in version 3) I was able to get the actual values.

Please help

Thank you very much

Is the UI visible when you try to access its size ?
Try waiting a few frames after the ready signal


Let me try