Unable to put file in FileSystem

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Godot 4 Early Access Android App


Ok, look, this is a dumb starter topic, but when I put my files for my starter 2d game tutorial (Dodge The Creeps), it doesn’t go into the FileSystem. I’ve tried over and over again in a million places. Guess what? It didn’t work.

Do you see your files using File Explorer? Do you drag and drop it into the engine or paste it into the file?

I drag and drop it into the engine. I can’t do a file because I’m new tho.

Also, I’m using a computer, or in this case, a chromebook

are you using windows?

No. I’m using a chromebook.


bump again after 13 days.

This is likely due to this bug: Imported resources don't appear in the FileSystem dock on activity change in the Android editor · Issue #72311 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

In general, if you want to do development work on a Chromebook, I strongly recommend installing Linux on it as it’s far less limited than Chrome OS and its support for Android apps.

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I do have Linux, and all I do is drag it in there. Thats it. Just drag it in there. But I will check that out. Thanks! (not marking solution just yet)