Unknown error causing crash upon collecting item

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Here is the code:

get_tree().create_tween() is the function, get_tree().create_tween is a Callable

So I have to delete it then?

Add the parenthesis to create_tweenget_tree().create_tween()

Oh ok. Thank you! Sorry, I’m new to this, so it’s a learning experience. lol

Still freezes. Is there anything else I’m doing wrong?

at which line it freeze and what error code? still tween property?

it’s wise to bind a node with a tween created for it, for example this one, you create tween for self, so you have to add .bind_node(self) to the tween when it’s created

so it looks like this:
var tween = get_tree().create_tween().bind_node(self)

tell if this fix the same error

Even doing that makes it freeze still.

You added a breakpoint at line 10 (the red circle) Click on it to remove it. More info about breakpoints Overview of debugging tools — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English


Now I understand, I feel like an idiot! lol
Thank you so much though! Really do appreciate the help!

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