Variables "partially reset" when instancing multiple times

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Im sorry for the vague title, im very confused.
I have a GridContainer with multiple instances of a button, initialized thus:

func _ready():
	var scene = get_node("../Boardbutton2")
	for i in range(gridsize):
		for j in range(gridsize):
			var instance = scene.duplicate() = "field %s %s " % [i,j] 
			get_child(get_child_count()-1).row = i
			get_child(get_child_count()-1).column = j
			print("sent ", i, j)

to get the buttons to track their position in the grid. the parts of the button relevant to my question are these:

extends Button

var row = -1
var column = -1

func _on_gamelogic_move_is_valid(i,j,player,captured):
	print("buttonknows ", i, j)
	print(row, column)
func _pressed():
	print("pressed ", row, column)
	pressed.emit(row, column)

For some reason, the variables row and column in the _pressed function retain the correct value, but row, column in the _on gamelogic… function are -1 and -1.
even after it prints -1 as a value for them, pressing the button again does print the correct value. i never assign any values to row, column except when initializing the variables and in the _ready function of the gridcontainer.

Thanks in advance for any help, i feel like im losing my mind.

In case someone stumbles over this while googling: the issue was that the signal didnt connect automatically to the duplicates of the scene, and it was the “base copy” that was giving me the false output.

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