VideoStreamPlayers need some love

I think we can all agree that VideoStreamPlayers are kind of basic.


  • only support ogv files (which is fine with me, i have ffmpeg to help me)
  • cannot set the position (time) of the video yet (= can’t use a progressbar and link it to the video progression)
  • don’t have a build-in play/pause command (you can code it tho)

What i would like is to know what everyone is expecting from that Node, and let the people that know what they’re doing what we want/need it to do.

So what are your thoughts ? What do you expect from that Node ? What would you want it to do ?

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I think it would be nice for it to support more formats, but adding things like play/pause commands seem to be too much for a simple node like this. If you are making a video player it would be better to build those controls using buttons and other existing nodes.

I’m not sure when/why the VideoStreamPlayer was originally added, but I would only use it for cinematics like in the intro logos or a mid-game cut-scene that cannot be rendered in real time for some reason.


In my case, I use it to show a tutorial within my game. To be more specific, it’s a serious game to help people be aware of the different dangers within a fablab if they don’t respect the safety mesures. My video show them how to use the equipments, find extinguishers, find emergency stop buttons…

Hello kiryonn,

You can use the following extension to help with formats/ decoding videos so that they actually utilize your hardware. Which, is more performant and you will notice less issues. I use it for one of my projects and it’s a life saver.