VSeparator disappears on certain resolutions

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i have a vseparator between two nodes and it keeps disappearing. i’ve tried changing the scaling to viewport, and setting a minimum width, but neither solution works.

this is on 1280x720:

and this is resized width-wise a few pixels:

If you make it even wider it should show up even if you change the resolution.

I’ve noticed that the separators can be a little finicky, but we need more information. What does your UI scene look like, and what are the settings for the UI nodes?

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there’s a main node, with an hboxcontainer that has a node, the separator, and another node. using stretch ratios for both nodes, first one is 0.35 and the second is 0.65. they’re both set to expand.

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Hmm, I can’t replicate the issue. Maybe open a clean scene, add the box, nodes, and separator, and see if the issue persists.

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made a new scene from scratch, still having the problem. i tried setting the second node’s stretch ratio to 0.64 and the separator to 0.01 in case it was something with that, but it also didn’t change much. for the earlier post, even setting the width to a minimum of 100 doesn’t do anything. separators themselves should really be resizable

i just swapped out the separator with a 3px width ColorRect and it works perfectly. colour and width are adjustable, so it’s a lot better anyway.

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That’s a good idea. I might use that in my games.

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