Walls are not walls

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i am trying to do a walljumps rn, but I noticed that the right wall is not defined as a wall

you should provide more information that might cause the issue like your movement function, the collision shape,…

there is my walljumping script

How do you define a wall? It would be helpful to see some code.

Your code only checks for “ui_left” and not right, therefore, it doesn’t run as expected
Make another function with “ui_right” or include “ui_right” in your current condition

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i already do it, results are the same, but i noticed that script works only when walls on the edges of a scene

and when i am checked “is_on_wall()” with a “print” its not printing anything

whats wrong with it? can you please explain?

can you check with both wall

I checked the character’s contact with the wall regardless of the side


that means if i jump on the left wall print are worked
and if i jump on the right wall it isnt

Well it shouldn’t work, should it? since on_wall = false

  • Does it print “123” when you only touch the left wall
  • Does it print “123” when you only touch the right wall
  • What is the “direction” variable
  • How did you set up the collision for the player and the wall

Also why velocity.y = -JUMP_VELOCITY

  1. its prints when i touch the left wall
  2. no
  3. var direction = Input.get_axis(“ui_left”, “ui_right”)
  4. wall is just a tilemap
    “Also why velocity.y = -JUMP_VELOCITY” - alredy fix this

it must be your tile map then, maybe check your tile map collision