Warning: 2D MSAA is not yet supported for GLES3. But I want to use GL3

Godot Version 4.2.1

My CPU doesn’t support Vulkan as rendering driver so I set --rendering-driver opengl3 as flag for the godot.exe shortcut. I set the rendering mode in the editor to compatibility as well.
My problem now is there is no anti aliasing for Polygon2D. The object anti aliased property is set to true. The rendering project settings for anti aliasing is all enabled, with amount 4 and MSAA x8 but there’s no difference at all.
There is a warning message saying “2D MSAA is not yet supported for GLES3” but anyways, I don’t want to use OpenGL ES 3 but OpenGL 3.
could be that the compatibility render method set OpenGL ES as driver? how do I set OpenGL (no ES) to be the driver?


This isn’t about OpenGL ES (as Godot’s Compatibility rendering method intentionally caters itself to the OpenGL ES 3.0 subset). It’s just that 2D MSAA hasn’t been implemented yet in the Compatibility rendering method. We don’t know when it’ll be implemented.

Note that most desktop GPUs don’t actually support OpenGL ES, so OpenGL is automatically used. It’s functionally equivalent still, as Godot doesn’t use features exclusive to the full-blown OpenGL.

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