Weird hand representation for hand tracking

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Hi, I’m trying to make hand tracking to work in my meta quest 3. But a weird hand shows.
That’s the tree. I’ve added Right and LeftPhysicsHand, expanded (enabling editable children) and connected skeleton node to OpenXRHandLeft and Right

Thank you very much

Sorry, it seems I can’t add links because I’m a new user.
This is the youtube showing the problem:
And this is the code GitHub - rsallar/FirstXRGame

This is because for the OpenXR hands, you need meshes that were designed for the hand skeleton OpenXR exposes which has a 90 degree rotation on all bones.

The hand meshes in XR Tools are not suitable for this. Those scenes also come with logic that animate the fingers based on controller input, which will clash with the hand tracking input. We will be adding support for hands that make use of hand tracking in the near future.

Godot 4.3 has a number of improvements coming in standardising the hand tracking and making it easier to use it, making use of Godots retargeting when importing. We’ll have some sample projects soon with hands included.

For Godot 4.2 I think Malcolm had some examples, you can have a look at GitHub - Malcolmnixon/OpenXRHandTestSuite: Test Suite for OpenXRHand node driving different types of skeletons
This project is already a bit outdated as we’ve changed the tracking system since, but in it’s assets folder you will find hand assets that will work with OpenXRHand.

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Thank you, I’ve tried OpenXRHandTestSuite/assets/gltf/LeftHandOpenXR.gltf at main · Malcolmnixon/OpenXRHandTestSuite · GitHub
And it’s worked like a charm!

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