Weird lighting specularity?

Godot Version



How do i get rid of this weird lighting “highlight” type look. Or specularity, dont know what its called but its very annoying. It happens whith any type of light i guess.
You can see in the image i posted here that facing one direction will result in normal light but facing the other way will make all surfaces more shiny or something weird. I currently have a directional light. I already messed with all the exposed properties but nothing removes it. Any ideas?

Are you deforming the terrain manually somehow? My first guess would be there’s something wrong with the normals unless you’re going for the flat shaded look.

Its not the normals. It happens with any 3D mesh or CSG geometry object.

Take a look at the image, its just a csgbox with standard material3d and albedo color set to black. It appears to be like the glare from the directional light, almost if it was a sun. Any ideas?