Weird problem with scalling sprite2d

Hi amigos I’m encountering the problem with scalling objects. I want to change the scale of my sprite2d (that is just a circle) but even though i change scales x and y params it looks the same. Weirdest part is that if i change it using other way it works properly (so that implies that there is no problem with the sprite link, code updating or visual scene), i’m using a simple formula of other variables, and the scales values after printing are correct, but for some reason its not updating what i see in the program. Do you have any idea why could that be?

The code (changed with removing and adding one “#”, its explained in the comments in lines underneath):

Image 1 (other ways of changing the scale works correctly, the bigger yellow circles are indeed different):

Image 2 (changing the scale with the formula doesnt change its visual size, every bigger yellow circle is the same):

Even though the formula is working correctly as well as setting the scale to its value beacuse after printing the scale we see its values change accordingly:

Could you show your scene tree for the object you want to scale?

What part of this isn’t working? What are you expecting to happen?