What do you think about AI and developments?

AI is the most popular title of this days. What do you think about AI and developments?
Do they hurt us?
Can they take our jobs from us?
Can they develop their selfs?
Is they can smart than humans?
Is they can think like us?
Can they make somethings like games or other.
These are just example questions. What is cons and pros or what you think all about it. Thanks :smiley:

Humanity, just a transitional step to a higher intelligence. What humans call AI will replace all humans.

I donโ€™t think like you. First of all, humans are beings who must worship GOD and who will be resurrected and called to account on the afterlife. Additionally, it is not possible for artificial intelligence to replace humans. Artificial intelligence only makes comparisons with 1s and 0s. He has no emotions, cannot empathize, cannot imagine.

This is already an argument about religion, not science. I donโ€™t participate in clerical dissections. Good luck!

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