What do you want from a demo scene of a plugin?

I recently released my BehaviourToolkit Plugin, combining Behaviour Trees and Finite State Machines. The currenty example scene is just a big mess with tons of stuff going on. As we are working towards a 2.0 release, we would also like to rework this demo. What would you want to see in a demo for this plugin?

i would like to see a demo of the character controller. using the Characterbody2d node at the base node and then the Finite state machine with nodes to control and transition to each one of the characters movements and animations. example idle, walk, jump, and attack.

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Well your in luck. The 2.0.0 branch on Github just got exactly this example added. Checkout the 2.0.0 Branch. I’ll merge it into main after I finishe some other features.