What is a good Tileset size for 3D games to be able to run on medium-low gpu setup?

Godot Version



I’m trying to create a life-sim game with characters at or under 5k poly count each, and hoping that this would be easily played on a computer that has say an old RTX 2060 at 60 frames.

Is there a general resource I can reference to figure out how many things can be on screen before things start to lag? I haven’t found much on google except “It depends how much is on screen at a time”. I would like to have a rough estimate of what type of poly-counts or some other metric would be easily within range for my game. If there are other considerations that would greatly restrict this I would appreciate if someone pointed those out.

Thanks, sorry I’m such a noob!

P.S. I’m not entirely sure a 3D tileset would be a good or bad fit for the game I’m making. All I have is a rough GDD of what I want and I’m trying to understand my different options for level implementation. The games scenes would likely never have more than 15 characters on screen at a time and maybe at max 30 separate entities. The maps or scenes I believe they’re called in godot would be fairly small, but big enough that camera scrolling would be a thing. I was planning on a 3D isometric camera that is locked on an axis. I figure if I use tilemaps over creating one big mesh then I could do things like LOD or Cull tiles outside the camera zone for extra performance. As I’m going for a low poly style, I’m not sure that’s entirely needed.