What is a vector2array, vector3array?

v4.1.3.stable.official [f06b6836a]

I got a question. Because, I’m trying to help myself while trying to help others.
I tried to understand the coercion to using PackedArrayMesh in the script to generate always random geometry. And, I attempted to understand what an empty array mash is in the Inspector. But, I just now found this Polygon, that’s made from vector2araay. What is this?

Just like the other arrays it’s a way to store an indeterminate amount of values. In this case Vector2s. The “Packed” prefix is a minor detail that guarentees the stored values are sequential, which can speed up some iterative operations.

I don’t want to keep you waiting. But, I learned about the vector3array from the documentation. With a tutorial. Only produced the triangle. Nowhere does it mention the array with points. I had to learn about an example derived from using vector3array points from some StackExchange kilometer.