What would be the better database for my project?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Hello everyone, I’m developing a 2D visual game. The game is going to have a lot of options for the user but development isn’t going to be so hard.

I’m choosing for a database where I could develop my pproject. I have read information about PostgreSQL, SQLite and Firebase but I amn’t sure which I will choose.

What database you would recommend me?

A buch of people explains it here better than I will.

SQLite is just the datastore where you’ll store and retrieve the data and also it’s not a distributed database where if you want to share data between multiple users you can’t do it with SQLite.
Firebase is a distributed database and it gives realtime streaming support. But again it depends on the usage, if you want a simple offline only app you can use SQLite but if you want to build a distributed data app go with firebase.

But the questions are:
What are “lot of options for the user”, 100 options?
Does information need to be centralized and shared between users?
What is the level of relationship between these data?