"What's wrong with my Godot4?"

Version 4.2.2, and my NVIDIA graphics driver is up to date. When I run my game, there are often large black areas that flicker frequently, which makes my user experience very unpleasant! I was wondering if anyone has encountered the same issue as me and if there are any solutions? It shouldn’t be a problem with my graphics card since I have no issues playing games or rendering projects in Blender. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a video.

try change to other renderer mode. what renderer mode are you using right now?
there’s issue should be related to this
what else you can do is, actually export it as windows game and test playing it on other devices/PC

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Flickering has been linked to multiple monitors.

If you have more than one, unplug the other(s) and see what happens. I unplug everything when coding because it’s really annoying.

If you don’t have more than one, then I think I remember one or two posts about that, but that was some time ago. Hopefully there’s info in there to help out.

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