When I try to run a scene, Godot quits

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Hi all. I just installed Godot in the hopes of learning to make some games. I was doing the intro course thing within Godot where you have a button “say hello” on a label. I got all of the coding done and went to run my scene, and then Godot quit. It does this every time I try to run. I have a sneaking suspicion that my hardware is not compatible. I am working on a 2015 mac book pro running Mojave 10.14.6. Is this the issue? I have also seen some things about Vulkan? but I do not understand what Vulkan is or if I need it. Any clarification would be amazing. Thank you.

Try changing your project to compatibility, the “Forward +” in the top right controls the rendering target settings, it will say “Compatibility” if already in that mode.

yeah i have already been using the “compatibility” mode