Where and how to learn godot?

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I want to learn for 2D, shader, gdscript, component (timer, navigationMesh, trail, paticule, etc…)

The documentation is too abstract, I am sure that with examples the time saving would be notable

I’m learning a lot by gradually going through this extended tutorial, a few minutes a day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAh_Kx5Zh5Q

If you try it, I recommend using source control such as Git to save your project’s progress, with the time stamp of where you are in the video as part of the commit comment each time. It makes it easier to find where you were, and to undo your work to a recent version if you need to.


True, it really is an awesome guide. It doesn’t teach you everything instantly, reads between the lines, and most importantly lets you learn about the logic, meaning you can make things easily on your own:)

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