Where can I find source Godot UI?

Godot Version

for any version of 3.x or 4.x


We know Godot Engine’s UI built in Godot. But is it means its a regular godot project we can open in our engines? And from where I can get this engines UI code?

The editor uses the same UI Control elements as you can use, but it’s written in c++, and you can find it all under editor of the engine source

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that means its not gdscript or godot project?
We need to convert it from c++ to gdscript?

Yes, the editor and the editor UI is not written in GDScript, but a lot of the functionality is fully available to GDScript and you just need to translate it

so is there is an easy way to do it? or I need to do it manually by reading?

Not that I know of no, you could try and extract the UI elements themselves by using an EditorScript and just fetching all the nodes and printing them out and getting their properties etc., but unsure how useful that would be