Where I can post my query?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to this community and I’m super excited to dive into game development using this awesome engine! However, I have a question and I’m not quite sure where to post it. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

I’ve been exploring the documentation and forums, but I want to make sure I’m posting in the appropriate place to get the best help possible.
And I also check this thread this is really helpful for me : https://forum.godotengine.org/t/inconsistency-between-distance-values/49691

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Feel free to post your question in the Help category, just like you did. You didn’t provide any details about your issue yet, so we can’t give you any specific tips yet.

Also please don’t link to random external websites without them having any relevance here. I’ve removed the link from your post. Doing so will get your posts flagged as spam.

Thanks for the guidance.