Where is the Pickup Node

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.2


[] https://youtu.be/PYpMbznglaw?si=Tp0uloHXMKAiog-8 the video here shows a Pickup node already premade in Godot. I cannot find this node in the newer godot. Where has it gone or what has it changed to.

There isn’t any such node, you must have missed a step in the tutorial

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apologies I have reedited the Q to show the video link

Yes you need the plugin they mention “Item Drops”

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ahh thank you I didn’t realize people had added these sort of things or could even add these kinds of things to Godot :'c

The plugins are talked about directly at 0:27, maybe you jumped too far into the video before checking the things you needed first

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