Why After Updating Past 3.3 Does The Tree Control Hide Items When Focused?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By BadTreeControl

Still shows the scrollbar, just no items. Is still properly selecting the items and sending the signals out.

Nothing in my code is asking it to hide or clear the items. I checked, after selecting an item, that item still exists, so its not actually clearing them, but still, no items are visible when focused.

If I click the scrollbar, the items do not show up again, only when I focus another control.

Any insight on where to even start looking at where the issue might be would be helpful as well, thanks.

Please don’t post the same question multiple times. I’d suggest that you combine any of the necessary details from your 3 posts and add them to one of the posts. Then, hide the other two posts.

jgodfrey | 2022-08-22 03:25