Why are my characters eyes randomly disappearing up close?

Godot Version


For some reason when I get to close my characters eyes seemingly disappear at random angles. This character has nothing but an animation player and no script. The eye mesh is just attached to the head bone.

it looks like it has something to do with occlusion. Maybe have a look at using a custom_aabb or extra_cull_margin on the GeometryInstance3D of the eyes?


I think you might be right but I found a solution to my problem without messing with AABB. When I first imported my model for testing, the origin of the eyes was at the feet where the main models origin was. I later fixed this and reimported the model but I think Godot doesn’t update the origin of every mesh inside a file when reimporting. I changed the name of the eyes to eyes1 and reimported and the problem was fixed.