Why are my static and rotation animations not blending properly?

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Is there any way to make it so a static animation can transition properly with a rotating animation? I’m using Blender 4.1 and exporting as a .glb. The first animation is a static pose of the human model with his arms out, and the animation it’s blending with is an 8-frame animation of the human doing a 360 degree turn. Somehow, when the model is actively in the transition process the animation stutters and doesn’t complete. It just keeps resetting back to the first frame of the turn. Is there any way to make it so that the model smoothly transitions into a turn?

Also, I noticed that if I use a blend2d instead of a transition and shorten the value of the blend2d, it makes the rotation animation play for a shorter amount of time. For example, a 0.5 blend2d value will only turn halfway and then reset, instead of turning the full 360 of the animation.

Note: I need to upload a video attachment but can’t yet, so I provided the gyazo mp4 link below:

Screen capture - 5fe5e666895957941e2606a410efa443 - Gyazo
^stuttering issue when transitioning

^rotation animation alone

^static flying pose

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